Cristina Otero Sabio

Akris Photography & Painting

born in january  1992.


From Granada, Spain, activist, marine biologist and artist.

My devotion to the sea began at a very young age. Back then I dreamed of exploring the oceans and studying cetaceans.

I always had  an artistic vision of the world around me. That is why as a child I used to spend my time drawing, recreating scenes and imagining new ones; frequently underwater in the ocean and orcas.


During adolescence I discovered  the art of photography and digital editing and learned as a self-taught.

That was when Akris was born.

About me

Conceptual photography boat akris photography
Manos arbol akris photography

The first time I used a reflex camera was when I was 16 years old. I found in conceptual photography a form of communication and direct expression that required no words or explanations.

I remember spending nights and nights awake editing photographs with the few resources that were available at the time.

I never ever travel without my camera.

My curiosity and ambition to explore the world later led me to decide to pursue a professional career in science, which has allowed me to live and work in various places and countries.

In 2015, after a break of almost 10 years, I picked up a brush again, and since then I have not stopped drawing and proposing new artistic challenges.

Among my works, watercolor paintings predominate, with a marine, educational and activist touch.  My marine works have led me to participate in several international exhibitions and conferences.

Today I combine my  professional career as a marine biologist with art and I hope to continue doing so for many years.

killer whale orca spy hopping watercolor akris painting
Orcas Tarifa Akris Photography
Thalassophile watercolor portrait akris painting
Sperm whale watercolor akris painting
Cristina Otero Sabio Akris Painting

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Cristina Otero Sabio Akris Painting

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